There are three international airports within easy drive of Varages.

Marignane (Marseille) – 60 minutes   
Toulon-Hyères – 60 minutes
Nice – 90 minutes 

Marignane is the European hub for EasyJet and is also used, amongst others, by

Aer Lingus
Air France
British Airways
Brussels Airlines
Swiss Air

The airport has extensive and reasonably priced parking facilities. 


The TGV station at Aix Les Milles is reached within 60 minutes. The fast service between Aix-en-Provence and Paris takes three hours and four minutes.


By car, from Varages, you can reach the A8 motorway within 20 minutes. The A8 (and it’s extension the A9) is the main motorway which runs the length of the south of France linking Spain to Italy. 

There is a coach service which stops in the village Place, linking it to the surrounding area.


The general security and easy lock-up-and-leave facility of the property is exceptional.

The front of the house gives on to the village Place (Square) which is brightly lit during the evenings and all through the night. There are two wall mounted ornate street lamps either side of the property.

The village Place is where most of the village activity takes place. It is shared by the butcher, baker, bar, convenience store, and Faïence shop and so the local authorities have recently erected a security cameras at its four corners which record to a loop and can be checked if there is ever an incident.

When the front of the house was renovated, a ‘notice-me’ security box was attached for added protection.

At the back of the house is the courtyard and garden with the walls of adjoining properties on all sides. To enter the area, an intruder would first need to gain access to a neighboring house and then their garden or courtyard.  The one exception is the stone wall which runs for 22 meters along the far side of the garden. It is 6 metres high and has a shear drop either side.

In any case, in a tight-knit community there is a very particular sense of ‘security’. Everyone sees and knows what everyone else is doing, so there is very little risk for vehicles to be stolen or properties to be broken into. And it’s common to arrive in the Place at midnight and see young children walking home together without a care.